Membership approvals 

New Regular Members:
November 2017

  • David Meldrum

New Associate members:
November 2017

  • Norma Brown
  • Austin Delaney
  • Austin Maclin
  • Kendra Mellish
  • Diane MacLean
  • Joyce Perry
  • Linda Black
  • Linda Martin
  • Dale Savidant
  • Colin MacKinnon
  • Jennifer MacInnis

October 2017

  • David J. Cash

The 200 Wing was recently recognized for the support it provides to both the local and provincial Air Cadet organizations.  Wing President Mike Charbonneau was presented with certificates from 53 CE Monty Air Cadet Squadron and from the PEI Air Cadet League.  Making the presentations are:  on behalf of the Air Cadet League — Barry Rowan, and on behalf of 53 CE Monty Sqn.  — Gayle Mueller