RCAFA 200 (Summerside) Wing has been the sole sponsor of 53 Squadron for over 60 years, beginning in 1950 to the present day. The late Charles Eugene Monty, a 200 Wing Sponsor Committee member for 27 years as well as the Commanding Officer of the squadron from 1960 to 1975, is the namesake of the Squadron.  RCAF Captain Charles Monty won the Distinguished Flying Cross in WW II as an air gunner, awarded July 1945 at Buckingham Palace by King George VI for Captain Monty’s completion of two operational bombing tours against the enemy.  With such dedication to the RCAF and 53 Air Cadet Squadron the unit was renamed following his death in 1997.  The squadron is now officially known as 53 C.E. Monty DFC Squadron.

Under 200 Summerside Wing’s sponsorship, 53 C.E. Monty DFC Squadron has enjoyed expanded Bush Camps, Sports, Band instruments, and trips abroad.  Added funds were also provided by the Wing for distinguished Glider and Private pilot scholarships.

During the last sixty years some four thousand young people from surrounding areas, are better Canadian citizens, thanks to their training in 53 C.E. Monty DFC Squadron and the unwavering support of 200 Wing. Had it not been for 200 Wing’s sponsorship, a great deal of training would not have been available.

 As 200 Wing is the sponsor of 53 C.E. Monty Air Cadet Squadron, the Wing Cadet Director will act as a liaison between the Wing and the Squadron Commanding Officer. The Wing Cadet Director will also act as the Chairman of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee and may represent the Wing at official Cadet functions. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee is made up of 5 Wing members which will submit an annual budget to the Wing and will present a report at each Wing monthly general meeting. If you have an interest in the Air Cadet program, please contact us for more information.